6 tips to find a great real estate agent for your property


6 tips to find a great real estate agent for your property

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Selling a home can be an interesting, stressful or complicated experience, depending on how you approach it. First-time sellers or regular sellers can confirm this. This is why over 89% of sellers prefer to do the business with a professional real estate agent. There are a couple of reasons why people prefer to use the services of a real estate agent, such as their capacity to attract willing buyers; they have the tenacity to handle contract negotiations, and their capacity to guide the sellers all through the selling process. Some sellers find it highly beneficial to use a real estate agent, while there are those who find it difficult to get one. This article will teach you 6 top tips to find a great real estate agent for your property:

1. Talk with agent’s recent clients

Ask the agent to furnish you with a list of what they have sold previous years with accurate and verifiable contact details. When they provide you with such details, try to find out from the clients what was the asking price and sales price. Check if the previous property was similar to the one you want to sell in terms of location, price and other key features. Checking with the agent’s recent clients will help you to decide whether to use that agent or not.

2. Check for license and disciplinary actions

Please try to confirm from your state’s regulatory body whether the real estate agent you want to hire is duly licensed and has any disciplinary complaints or actions. There are two ways to get this information; you can get it by checking online or by checking with the regulatory body directly.

3. Select an agent with the right credentials

There are professional real estate agents you can hire. Some of them have received additional training representing buyers in transactions, handling residential real estate complications etc. If possible, ask the agent to provide you with professional certifications they have gained over the years and their track records of achievements plus attestation letters from previous clients. All these will help in your hiring decision.

4. Search online agent’s current listings

Take time to read about the agent’s online listing- there are two places you can look such as realtor.com, and the agent’s website. Professional agents list properties they are selling through these platforms. Their current listings will tell you whether they are serious for business or not.

5. Look for passion, conviction and honesty

Take a look at the agent’s work. The most credible, easiest and most valuable way is to review how the real estate agent is marketing other clients’ properties. Take a look at their signage, brochures, website, listing materials, and pay great attention to their personal appearance. It is very important you look at passion, conviction and honesty. You need someone that will tell you that what it will take your property to sell at the best price and faster.

6. Explain your Communication preferences

Most buyers and sellers always say that most agents lack professional communication with their clients. Thus, the agent you want to hire their services must be on the same page with you right from day one. Discuss on how you want them to stay in touch with you; you can tell them to keep you informed hourly, daily or weekly as the case maybe. If you are someone that prefer receiving information through phone call, while the agent is someone that prefers an email, that means both of you may not work together. Look for your type.

Also, if you are someone that will like to be asking series of questions, while the agent is someone that will be providing you with weekly or bi-weekly updates, that means you may have to find someone that has the same capacity with you.

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